“Chichay” at Starbucks

On our way to Starbucks, I suddenly remembered this old story of a guy who used the name “John Lloyd” for his order. It made heads turn inside the coffee shop (expectedly). My friend and I then brainstormed on female celebrities with unique/two names, but couldn’t come up with one. We considered using “Kimmy” and “Dora” but that was too hilarious, even for us two.

A lightbulb suddenly went on over my head. Why not the character in our weekday guilty pleasure: Got to Believe? #MedyoKathNiel


So here’s how it went…

G2B Starbucks Philippines Got to Believe Chichay coffee

Edit plz kthx haha

At the Starbucks cashier:

Barista: Your name?
MM: …Chichay. *trying my best not to laugh*
B: *pokerfaced while quietly scribbling* Nandyan si Joaquin? (Is Joaquin with you?)
M: Uh… *frowns* wala pa akong Joaquin. (I don’t have a Joaquin.)
B: Ahh, baka parating na yun. (Ahh, maybe he’s on his way.)

I didn’t see that coming. Haha! Starbucks Barista: 1, MM: 0.

Upon claiming the drinks:

B: Sino si Chichay? (Who’s Chichay?)
M: *with conviction* Ako. *laughs* (Me.)
B: Nasaan si Joaquin? (Where’s Joaquin?)
M: Wala. Naghahanap pa ako ng magic. (He isn’t here. I’m still looking for magic.)

Starbucks Barista: 2, MM: 0.

If only “magic” is as easy to find as a dell inspiron 1525 battery – batteryheads.com. Haha!

*Chichay and Joaquin are fictional characters from the television series Got to Believe (ABS-CBN).



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