Slappy Cakes: Putting the Fun in Pancakes

I admit. The title is a terrible pun.

Slappy Cakes, SM City North EDSA, The Block, pancakes


After our Yabu spontaneous lunch some months ago, we now move on to its neighbor at SM City North EDSA The Block: Slappy Cakes.

The idea of all-day breakfast, plus the novel concept of making your own in the comforts of your own table, were what lured us into a catching-up marathon of sorts with my unofficial older sisters/university friends.

Slappy Cakes, SM City North EDSA, The Block, pancakes

#fromourtable (an edit to #fromwhereistand. Obviously somebody needs more pancakes with my embarrassing/annoying puns)

Ordering is pretty much straightforward. Choose a batter, and choose toppings. We decided to go with their regular batter and the chocolate variant. For the fix-ins, we just picked sets from the suggestions in the menu, which was much easier given that we take time in ordering. Someone from the staff will explain how to make the pancakes. I learned that the slapping part should only be after you have flipped it, to maintain its fluffy texture. Who doesn’t like customizing? (Exactly the same thing when you visit

Slappy Cakes, SM City North EDSA, The Block, pancakes


You are free to select the fix-ins that you want. I strongly recommend getting the cream cheese and the mushrooms. Pass up on the spring onions because I personally don’t think it lends much flavor (or that I’m not really fond of it). Consider whether you want to indulge on sweets (fruits, cream) or savory (bacon, sausage, ham). Maple syrup is available on all tables, free of charge. Other syrup variants are served on a per-order basis.

Slappy Cakes, SM City North EDSA, The Block, pancakes

L-O-L for LOL Girls!

Our Slappy Cakes lunch is one for the books. We cooked simultaneously because the pancakes couldn’t keep up with our conversation. Haha!

With the predictability of our lunch dates in 2013, I’ve already pitched the idea to dine at Lugang Cafe, which is also on the same floor, before we move on to the higher floors (which includes, well, Vikings!)



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