2014: Making It Happen

A couple of days have already passed and I feel like I want to do so much work. It’s like I’ve been turned into an Energizer Bunny when the date changed to January 1, 2014. On top of mind for this year, apart from improving content and hits on this blog, is to make the most out of my skills and use it to my advantage.

2014 Making It Happen DIY Planner 2014

MM Planner 2014

The prospect of being more productive, whether for accomplishing ongoing projects or starting new ones, excite me so much. I also have plenty of ideas brewing for new personal projects that I hope to be able to plan thoroughly so as not to tire myself out. Must avoid deluding myself into thinking that I can go on a day without sleep, because I’ve learned my lesson the hard (albeit hilarious) way in 2013. That is, unless you want to end up like me who fell asleep in the middle of a lively conversation without me realizing it… and bam, nose meets rim of the glass on the table. Go figure.

I also want to work on more freelance projects this year for more kaching to improve my finances. Gotta fund my travels and fangirling, too, especially that I found out last month that 2NE1 is going to have a concert on May 17 at the Mall of Asia, and that there will be not one, but two new LEGOLANDs in Asia by 2015: Nagoya, Japan and Chuncheon, Korea. Dream destination AND favorite country thus far. Just about the perfect timing, as Song Joong Ki will probably be free to roam the streets of Korea by 2015. Heh. I need raketand more opportunities via this blog.

Interestingly, it took me more time than the usual to work on my yearly personal list where I enumerate all my goals in detail. I checked last year’s results, and noticed that half were marked done, but they didn’t turn out exactly as planned. This has led me to mull over being extremely detailed in my goal-setting. I’ve always been a firm believer in being specific because somehow, I agree with the saying that the universe conspires in getting what you want. Sometimes, there are bonuses. For instance, I wanted to watch OneRepublic last year and I managed to score tickets for free, right at a time when I had to spend the fund for something else that was far more important and urgent.

Speaking of specific, the image that you see above is a planner tailor made to suit my preferences and my writing needs. I took a look at the MUJI planner I had last year, and while I really liked its simplicity, layout and quality, I felt guilty that I stopped using it halfway through.

My uncle gave me a ringbound notebook before the year ended. I pondered what to use it for, notably because all else were ruled. I pulled a DIY with some elements of my old planner in it. I’ve yet to use it because I’m pretty particular when it comes to color coding. #TheOC

On a side note, I’ve received some really gorgeous notebooks in 2013, but I haven’t used any of them ’cause I can’t decide what to write on it (read: I want to commit to a theme per notebook). While at it, thank you to my aunt and cousin for getting me such lovely notebooks!

I feel a slight need to explain the title, although it’s pretty much self-explanatory. Last year, it was all about learning how to deal with things in the present for the future (malabong malinaw ba?). This year’s theme is all about actualizing all these plans. In 2013, I learned that I’m turned into a major planner in everything, and it’s a double-edged sword. I need to learn how to plan and execute. Sometimes I tend to spend so much time in perfecting plans that I don’t get to do it at an earlier time. In the case of ideas, some don’t even make it to pre-production (so to speak) because I want a good idea out of the box, that I end up not embracing its rawness (which holds so much possibilities, even before the edits, now that I think of it).

The way I see it, the results-oriented part of me clashes with the editor in me who wants to perfect everything down to the smallest detail. I have to balance these two things to make things happen. Here’s to #KaririnAng2014! :P



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  • Euri

    Oh! A DIY planner always works great! In my case, instead of actually drawing lines and writing dates by hand, I design mine and print it in paper. Well, I used to do it until android came and I started selling my soul to Google one app after the other! XD

    • MM

      The notebook came in an ideal planner size. If it weren’t for that and the paper quality, I wouldn’t have bothered with DIY-ing it. Haha :)

      I actually wanted to layout my own planner but my printer’s broken. Haha! I used to be really fond of Google Calendar, but I don’t sync it to my Android device. I find it counterproductive at times because I’m very OC when it comes to scheduling. The drag-and-drop feature’s pretty convenient, though.

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