Singapore 2013: BIG Hotel

Still from the #IsparkleenSGMY series!

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Very. Homey. Lobby.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to reading reviews of products or services that I want to try/avail. For one, there’s no more surprises. Second, you think you know what to expect, what with the glowing reviews and some comments thrown into the mix. You also find out what people dislike/aren’t happy with, and you resonate with them at some point because you don’t want to be inconvenienced or disappointed. By the time comes that you are finally in that room, a part of you expects to experience both the pros and cons of the reviews.

Classic example: “bed bugs.” Some hotels improve in terms of cleanliness over time, and not all rooms have it (at least that’s how I think). But since the dreaded words in many reviews have left its mark in my mind, there’s that nagging feeling that one, two or more will show up at some point. Eew.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Screenshot of our television screen

In the case of BIG Hotel, there were countless reviews about the size of the room. It’s all about a matter of perspective, as Asian countries tend to have smaller rooms even for private homes. There are condominium units in the Philippines at 16sqm with living and dining areas, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom! So when I opened the door, the spaciousness was a pleasant surprise. The superior room had a reasonably high ceiling, so you won’t end up feeling claustrophobic.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

“Standing two steps away from the door” shot

Contrary to reviews, you still have a couple of steps to take before you reach the bed. Under the bed is the safe and a space where you can stash your luggage away. Space was utilized very well with a desk tucked in the corner, and a huge floor-length mirror on one side of the corridor.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

I want this work desk!

I loved the light colored wood and the subtle rawness in the space, which might put off some people who are not fond of industrial design. There are areas with unfinished touches, which is attributed to the industrial-meets-Scandinavian design they were aiming for. Well, you might just like industrial after staying here. Even I wasn’t a huge fan up until I visited a unit that successfully employed the design scheme a few years ago.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Reflection of the room taken inside the bathroom

The sink’s interesting placement can be quite inconvenient. Also, accumulated water from the shower tends to make its way outside the bathroom door. But those are manageable small things that I can overlook.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Black and white

I’d rather be overwhelmed than to see all the reviews flash in my head with a huge red stamp that says “WE told you so.” I hope this post helps anyone who is looking for a place to stay in Singapore and is considering BIG Hotel as an option!

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

If I stayed longer, I would have stayed in one of these areas. So stylish!

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Bar area

Location-wise, BIG Hotel is an excellent choice. You have two options for trains: The Bras Basah MRT station is just half a kilometer away, or around 7 minutes of leisurely walk. The Bugis MRT station is a bit farther, but still very walkable. Five minutes away from the hotel are Bugis Street and Bugis Junction, which makes it ideal for hardcore shoppers.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Inside the Bras Basah MRT

The hotel staff are very helpful, and check-in/check-out was a breeze. I’d give this hotel 4.5/5 stars. I hope that they would consider making modifications in the bathroom, but overall, I wouldn’t mind staying here the next time I find myself in SG.



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