Singapore 2013: Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

It’s been a long while, Singapore. A lot has changed in this city-state!

Here’s a pseudo-timelapse of a famous landmark for starters. It’s not a real timelapse, though… I did come back to this area twice, so plus points still for effort.

Marina Bay Sands, timelapse, Singapore, #SGMY2013

Daytime: Day 1, Nighttime: Day 2. Didn’t realize how identical the two shots were until I came back in Manila

Where do I begin? Singapore has dramatically changed in the past few years, with numerous attractions that didn’t exist twelve years ago. I admit to not having a solid itinerary for this trip because of time constraints and a major, major surprise days before the flight. Maybe that’s the reason I haven’t worked on our itinerary completely. We just plotted some places to visit for the mornings and the afternoons. This is unusual behavior for someone with OC tendencies. Knowing about the strategic locations of the SMRT stations + countless searches on and Google Maps kinda gave me the idea that everything is easily within reach. Thanks to those bits of information (and photographic memory), no second is wasted despite the lack of complete directions and plans on paper.

And to prove my point, we decided to take the train instead of buses when we arrived at Changi Airport.

Tourism x design x aviation geek mode on…

From what I’ve read, Changi Airport is currently the best airline in the world according to SKYTRAX, with Incheon International Airport now in second place from last year’s top spot. I have nothing but praises for both airports because of the well-maintained facilities and efficiency. (I’m a bit kilig that I was able to visit best airports for two consecutive years, to see for myself what makes them stand out from the rest!)

Back to regular programming…

Singapore, Changi Airport, SMRT, #SGMY2013

This is so “You and Me” MV-esque

The train was spacious enough for everyone’s bags, but I’m wondering how it’s like during rush hour along the main line.

Singapore, Changi Airport, SMRT, #SGMY2013

Very convenient airport link

(I’m having an “I wish” moment right now… I want an airport link in Manila, please.)

Singapore, Changi Airport, SMRT, #SGMY2013

Transfer to the main green line to the city

Singapore, Changi Airport, SMRT, #SGMY2013

They have these markers… and they follow it. I’m looking at you, third line-formers at the MRT-3 and LRT-2.

This reminds me of the Taipei Metro (yet another train system that is sooooo convenient, efficient and consistent)!

Singapore, Changi Airport, SMRT, #SGMY2013

Lights will guide you home… In this case, one of the best ways to determine if you’re on the right track, pun intended.

And if you’re wondering about the #IsparkleenSGMY2013 hashtag, you gotta visit this blog again and check out the upcoming posts to find out what that’s all about! (Updating frequently and sticking to a blogging schedule should really be part of my New Year’s Resolution. Ugh.)



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