Vietnamese Eats: Pho Hoa

My first memory of Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle House was years ago, when I thought my tastebuds would instantly appreciate a spring roll. I can’t believe I went through a picky eater phase. It’s surprising how I turned out (with my love for Asian cuisine). Older and wiser when it comes to food, yes?

First things first, here’s a photo to make this post somehow timely.

Pho Hoa SM Megamall Vietnamese food

It’s a mystery why it’s called Happy Halloween

I was craving for this since I had some pho in Palawan. No post about that here because I can’t find the photo of that delicious noodle soup. Their large bowl sure is large.

Pho Hoa SM Megamall Vietnamese food beef noodle soup Pho Nam, Bo Vien

Pho Nam, Bo Vien

Apart from the tender pieces of beef, I also liked the meatballs that went with my noodle soup. Very chewy and flavorful. I wonder if I can find something like those in local supermarkets. This came with a plate of herbs, bean sprouts, and slices of lemon.

Pho Hoa SM Megamall Vietnamese food pork

Grilled Porkchop with Rice

This sizzling plate was a surprise. It’s has a very distinct taste, yet a bit expensive compared to other places that serve the same dish. There must be a sweet sauce glazed on the pork chops to achieve that flavor.

Pho Hoa SM Megamall Vietnamese food spring roll

Fresh Spring Roll Vegetarian/ Shrimp and Pork

And so I finally appreciated the spring rolls. I prefer eating it without the sauce (because it’s too nutty for me). It seems like a healthy meal although making it looks meticulous, even more meticulous than sushi. And since I’ve had far too many experiments in the kitchen that didn’t really turn out as planned, I’d rather eat here than make one myself. Haha!



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