All-White: Le Blanc Exclusive Resort

[EDIT 12/31/2013: This was featured in the MMFF 2013 entry Kimmy Dora: Ang Kyemeng Prequel as the home of the Go Dong Hae family]

Blame it on magazines, but if given a chance, I would like to have an all-white home. It’s very refreshing and easy to the eyes, but the detail-oriented side of me will never get over the littlest stains, dirt or just about anything that can ruin the spotless, pristine setting.

So yeah, a home washed in white is clearly aspirational.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort turns aspirational into reality with its all-white interiors. I’ve seen homeowners pull off an all-white theme excellently, but not for establishments/venues. It’s a charming, reservations-only getaway found in Antipolo (the part which is a quick drive away from Ortigas/Quezon City). We stayed here for one weekend to celebrate my cousin Karl’s birthday!

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort: A Photoset by Isparkleen

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort: A Photoset by Isparkleen

White registers well for photos, so my first few hours in Le Blanc were spent taking photos! I made a few adjustments in photo processing to emphasize the color scheme. Bask in the beauty of all-white interiors in this photoset!

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort living room

The spacious living room

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort audio-visual room

The room behind the living area…

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort audio-visual room

…which houses the karaoke machine…

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort audio-visual room

…where we sang “Pusong Bato”.. haha!

They also have a catering service for special functions. Apart from the main meals, Le Blanc also provided snacks! We were well-fed the entire weekend.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort

Merienda time. Everything is still white, except for the fire and food. Haha.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort dining area

Brings to mind wedding receptions

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort dining area

The corner which reminds me so much of a white Christmas

No excuse for one to feel the least bored in this resort. You can sit by the pool or take a dip, or go to the playground in the backyard, or be active by playing basketball, billiards and even table tennis indoors.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort grill

Outdoor grill parties? Barbecue by the pool? You can do this here!

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort pool

The expansive pool with water jets (not pictured)

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort facilities

Billiards, basketball and table tennis downstairs. So many things to do here!

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort playground

Playground for kids. I can’t imagine if this is also in white

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort dining area

View from the second floor

There’s a presidential suite with such an expansive space and luxurious bathroom fixtures to boot.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort bathroom presidential suite

The presidential suite’s bathtub. The bathroom’s so huge, you can place another bed inside

The other bedrooms are remarkably smaller in size, but still very consistent with the overall theme.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort bedroom


Le Blanc Exclusive Resort bedroom

And another one. This place is perfect for big groups

I lost track of the number of beds in this house. All that’s left to add are heated pet beds, haha.

Le Blanc Exclusive Resort

White and cream go well together

Considering that Le Blanc is situated along a major thoroughfare in Antipolo, you won’t hear a thing even when you hang out at the pool area. In a nutshell, Le Blance Exclusive Resort is a luxurious option for a quick getaway.



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