OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL

OneRepublic in Manila for my birthday month. Even before the confirmed tour date, I realized I kept on including OneRepublic/Ryan Tedder unintentionally in every concert-related post in this blog, regardless of the fact that the entry is for another concert. I “Apologize,” other artists.

I remember writing about discovering the OneRepublic frontman’s songwriting talent (he wrote “Bleeding Love,” for one!) in my old (and first) Nuffnang blog in 2007. I have so much respect for songwriting talent, especially those who have produced hit singles/chart toppers (think Swedish songwriter/producer Max Martin). How they craft tracks for each artist they work with, considering their styles and vocal ability, to name a few, is just amazing. Now if only I could possibly attend their press conference here in Manila to hear more about Tedder’s songwriting process, and insights from other band members as well. Dreaming Out Loud, indeed. Sure, I had opportunities to attend press conferences before, through my colleagues/friends who would assign it to me. I should really do something about my lifestyle journalism career as soon as possible. Haha.


The thing is, I still do not even have a ticket for the concert! I set aside a fund for it early this year, but lots of things got in the way, subsequently eating up that fund. :( Right now I don’t have enough to score a seat with a good view of the stage. I don’t want to end up singing “It’s too late to apologize…” so here’s me trying my luck in this contest. Here are five songs I want to hear live. Thank you, Nuffnang!

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

5. If I Lose Myself

I picture a boy and a girl having a great time, enjoying each other’s company. The sun begins to set and they end up watching the sunset together. You know, scenes straight out of a romance movie. #cinematic! That’s how “If I Lose Myself” is to me.

When I first heard this song, I didn’t immediately think that it was by OneRepublic. Unlike the band’s previous releases from earlier albums, “If I Lose Myself” was uncharacteristically upbeat, and almost danceable; a surprising departure from the older OneRepublic singles which are usually contemplative. Nonetheless, it was a welcome change.

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

4. Feel Again

Native is probably OneRepublic’s most cheerful sounding record. “Feel Again” is yet another song from that album that sounds so light-hearted and fun, you’d think it’s a remixed OneRepublic track. I love how the band is exploring other genres/influences and incorporating these inspirations to their albums for a sound that is truly their own.

I hope to quote the most striking line in this song soon.

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

3. Say (All I Need)

People close to me know how I’m like when I want something so bad. The go-getter in me takes over, my eyes on the prize. The decision isn’t always mine to make, so when I don’t get what I want, expect me to wallow in sadness and be broody ala Peyton Sawyer. It’ll take forever to get over my supposed “failure.” For all those moments when I’m consumed by dreams and goals, and holding on to whatever form of hope is left to get it, I listen to both angsty/inspirational songs (contradicting, I know). And that is how “Say (All I Need)” comes into the picture.

For a four-minute track, it covers so many important themes: finding one’s passion, losing control, the pursuit of dreams/wants, contentment, and letting go. One listen to it and I’m fine. It will take a while for me to accept and let go of what I didn’t get, but I am instantly reminded of blessings in my life thanks to this track.

“Say (All I Need)” reminds me that there is so much to be thankful for, and that sometimes, all we really need is to pause and appreciate what we have.

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

2. Secrets

“Secrets” can be interpreted in various ways. Some think it’s a bored person’s narrative who wants to break free from the uneventful to start anew/add some excitement to his life, while others contest that it is a creative individual’s way of life (and that person may or may not be Ryan Tedder/the band/OneRepublic’s commercial success).

“My life is kinda boring, need something that I can confess” confirms the “boring” theory, but as the track goes on, I find it more applicable toward the life of an artist.

It’s so complex and open to so many possible interpretations, laced with fantastic music (the cello works wonderfully with the rock elements). A stellar track. Maybe Ryan Tedder can tell me exactly what “Secrets” is all about when the band arrives in Manila! #DreamBigIsparkleen

Whatever the real meaning is, to me, “Secrets” is a musical gem.

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

1. Apologize

What’s a OneRepublic list without this song? “Apologize” is their debut single with two versions to boot. The original was first released, but it was the remix (more like the track + Timbaland’s beats) that catapulted them to fame. It was the most downloaded single on iTunes during its popularity, and for good reason.

This takes my personal list’s top spot, because it’s pop music that can stand the test of time (at least, from the viewpoint of a pop music enthusiast). It’s intense, no doubt, with its haunting melody and straightforward verses. Give the original a spin during your alone time and you’ll get what I mean. “Apologize” is one of a kind.
#OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang

Keeping my fingers crossed that I’d get to hear these and more, LIVE on November 6! :) Thank you to both Midas Productions and Nuffnang for this contest!



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  • Israel

    I’ve seen a lot of these Nuffnang entries for OneRepublic’s concert contest and I can count those few bloggers who included Say (All I Need) on their list. That song has got to be one of my favorite songs from OneRepublic too, but sadly they didn’t perform it last November 6th. Nonetheless, the concert is awesome! Anyway, I wrote my OneRepublic Live in Manila post at Please check it out.

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