Muy delicioso, Valor!

You don’t certainly pass up an invitation for a chocolate brand launch. :P

Valor Philippines chocolate

On our table. Hi.

Valor is the leading chocolate brand in Spain. It’s no surprise at all since they have been around for 130 years. The secret to their great-tasting chocolate begins with the fine selection of ingredients. The cacao beans, for one, are sourced from the world’s best: Ghana, Ecuador and Panama. The cacao from the three countries with its (confidential) proportions produce chocolates that are distinctive in flavor and aroma.

Valor Philippines chocolate

And more chocolates!

Valor has house master chocolatiers responsible for their “From Bean to Bar” manufacturing process. Their job begins from the selection of the raw cacao beans up until packaging the bars.

Valor Philippines chocolate

Not really fond of dark chocolate, but Valor’s version is pretty good!

Valor Chocolates exports its products to over 50 countries through select Gourmet and Duty Free channels. Hooray ’cause it’s finally here!

Valor Philippines chocolate


For the figure-conscious chocolate lover, Valor also has a sugar-free line. Stevia, a natural sweetener, is used instead of sugar.

Valor Philippines chocolate

Full-sized bars

My top picks are the Milk Chocolate with Almonds and the Chocolate Negro 70%. I believe these are now available in major supermarkets nationwide, so make sure to check it out on your next visit.

Visit Valor Philippines on Facebook for more information.



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