*NSYNC Reunion?

Aside from browsing musical instruments longingly (the affordable LP Percussion Claw at musician’s friend looks good), I also spend some precious time re-watching all those 90s pop music on YouTube. That’s how I can be categorized as a music lover: I certainly do not know the meaning of acceptance; I cling on to the possibility that my fingers will somehow be coordinated as I age, or that a boyband reunion might be in the works. BUT OH HEY THEY WILL BE REUNITING!

By some stroke of luck, I found out that *NSYNC will be having a reunion (sort-of) in this year’s VMAs! I don’t know what to feel, really, because based on some of the members’ previous interviews, a reunion is impossible. Maybe I just don’t want to feel let down when they actually perform on the VMA. Let’s see about that.



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  • Euri

    I’m more into Backstreet Boys than Nsync. XDD

    My favorite band from the late 80s did a reunion concert, so the possibility of a reunion concert for boy bands is not really that far off.

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