Cream Dory En Papiliote

Ever heard of the saying, “Fake it till you make it?” Well, I found myself in the kitchen one day, preparing a dish that I actually didn’t know existed (given the complicated name, because French cuisine isn’t really my thing). And it actually tasted good! Haha.

So without further ado, my first attempt to “cook” (with guidance from a friend who knows her way in the kitchen more than I do):

cream dory en papiliote recipe

Cream dory en papiliote! Woohoo first legit dish I prepared… ever!

“En papiliote” is French for “in parchment.” For those who want to replicate, we prepared a rectangular piece of parchment paper, where we arranged slices of tomatoes in a straight line, then carefully placed the fish on top of it. We also created a garlic-olive oil paste that we used to spread on the fish. Afterwards, sprinkle salt, pepper and basil to your liking, and squeeze some lemons to lend moisture and additional flavor. Finally, top it with lemon slices and fold around the edges. Fish is ready to go straight into the oven (after preheat) for… oops… I don’t know how long. Newbie alert! Haha! If you’re a more experienced cook than I am (which I really think you are) then you’d know the oven settings that would most probably cook the fish inside the parchment. How can I be a legit chef without knowing the right temperature? Haha. I guess I’ll continue with the faking, then (loading up on awesome navy challenge coins LOLWHUT). ;)



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