Linkin Park, please come back

Whatever happened to a promise I made almost 9 years ago? Bravo, MM, for flaking on yourself. Truthfully, I deserve a bravo for being so mature in terms of knowing my priorities. Haha! Besides, I got a feeling there’s gonna be a third time. And that third time better be at the Araneta Coliseum!

Nothing like Youtube-ing the songs to rub it in. Haha. Sharing with you my top 5 Linkin Park songs (in no particular order):

“Somewhere I Belong”

I remember being so fascinated about this video that I always made it a point to watch its “Making The Video” episode whenever it’s aired on MTV Asia. Such a behind-the-scenes geek. But you gotta admit, it’s a mighty cool video. It was one of the most polished, effects-heavy music videos during its time.


Video-wise, “Faint” didn’t impress me as much as “Somewhere I Belong,” but the song did. The intro was impossible to ignore, and it is for that reason that it became my default alarm sound for months.

“Points of Authority”

Probably the first song from Linkin Park that I really liked. “Papercut,” “Crawling” and “In The End” only grew on me after this song. Nothing special with the music video; once again, the song does not have to compete with the visuals to win my heart. Haha.

“From the Inside”

“Lying From You”

Meteora is my favorite Linkin Park album, what with most of my favorite tracks coming from that collection. These two tracks are ridden with angst, but not to the point where it’s all but noise. I can just imagine rocking out to these tunes with a bc rich mockingbird because I am such a wannabe rockstar like that.

Concerts left and right for this month, and I missed all of them by choice and ignorance, haha! Carly Rae came first, then Fall Out Boy, then LP. What is up with these Manila comebacks and their impeccable timing (sarcasm)?



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