Late Discovery: Carly Rae Jepsen

I took Carly Rae Jepsen‘s album for a spin a day after her much-talked-about concert. Big mistake. Pangs of regret slowly kicked in after a complete listen to Kiss. So these must have been what she performed at the concert. So these must have been what I missed. Ouch.

This is my favorite track off the album:

“Call Me Maybe” got me hooked for a time, but the novelty didn’t last as long for me to repeat it relentlessly on iTunes. Perhaps I took the message of the song as the representative of the theme of the entire album—that she just talks about meeting a guy and all the cutesy stuff (okay I see a pattern here, I don’t like excessively cute things, situations and ideas). But the album proved me wrong. As a whole, Kiss is a fun listen, like it was lifted from the pages of a teen girl’s diary. From the meet-cute, down to the lovesick feeling, up to the moment of letting go, Carly’s got it covered. It’s best to listen to her songs in the morning, when you are just about to kickstart your day. Try “This Kiss” first thing in the morning and hear what I mean.

Lesson learned: never judge a new artist by a debut hit single. Had I known I would enjoy her album, I would’ve at least attempted to buy a ticket to her concert. Also, I wish I could play an instrument, ’cause this good marshall mg30cfx at musicians friend looks lovely. Who knows, I could be the next Carly Rae. LOL



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