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In a world where free apps are all the rage, I am one of the very few users who have not filled their device with a bunch of apps. I only install the apps I think would benefit me in the long run. Occasionally, I download a free game or two so that I have something to combat boredom with when stuck in queues, but most of the time, my phone’s “gameless.”

Never did I expect to come across an alarm that would actually count the steps so as to prove that I am completely awake, but yes, it actually exists and it’s free!

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Android app

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

So… did this app manage to “walk me up?” Well…

…not really. I tried it first with a quick alarm setting just to see how it counts the steps. It took a lot of steps for the app to detect the 10 steps required. The number of steps can be increased or decreased, depending on your preference. The app also penalizes you if you attempt to cheat. Some shakes may be detected as steps, but eventually, the app realizes what you are doing and gives you an additional five steps to make it stop. And you wouldn’t want that. The sensitivity of the accelerometer can also be adjusted, as well as the kind of sounds you want to wake up to.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Android app

The setting name speaks for itself

To make things more extremely difficult for you, it also has an evil mode which disables snooze. It also means that you have no choice but to get your butt off the bed and start walking those self-imposed number of steps. This alarm is on tcds for generic nexium or something, because it should work!

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Android app

Saved alarms feature

You might be wondering why I filed this under Rants. Well, I am no morning person and in as much as I believe that sleep is for the weak, I really find it difficult to crawl out of bed. There were times when I used this in evil mode and I nearly wanted to throw it against the wall just to make it stop. This also explains why I stopped using this app in the meantime, because really, what needs a Walk Me Up! is myself. Haha.



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