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After I finished That Winter, The Wind Blows, I thought of starting The Innocent Man which features my other favorite actor, Song Joong Ki. Most forums compare the two Korean melodramas, piquing my interest. I must have been so lucky not to come across The Innocent Man spoilers while surfing for That Winter, The Wind Blows episode recaps.

I’m now on my third episode and Moon Chae Won’s character, the “rude, arrogant, fastidious and cold” Seo Eun Ki is slowly winning me over. I didn’t like Chae Won in the first episode because of her exaggerated pointed looks, but as the episodes passed, I realized that it’s just how her eyes are. I see a bit of myself in her. She’s very strong willed and tenacious. May I also mention that she looks damn good in minimalist yet edgy pieces? It’s exactly the style I want!

Moon Chae Won The Innocent Man Seo Eun Ki

She’s got the basics down pat

What surprised me though was the scene in her room. I love how some parts of her room are elevated which provides a subtle demarcation of the areas for work, relaxation and sleep. Again, it’s the style I want, with a bit of modifications.

Moon Chae Won The Innocent Man Seo Eun Ki

Love the warm wood + yellow walls and partitions

This brings to mind powder room vanities I saw the other day. My dream room would be full of vanity, LOL. White walls are so tempting but in reality, difficult to maintain. A walk-in closet would also be nice.

Moon Chae Won The Innocent Man Seo Eun Ki

The accessories make this look corporate classy

Okay I have this brilliant idea of sketching my own version of Eun Ki’s room. Let me just review basics of drafting class and I might actually work on that.

Moon Chae Won The Innocent Man Seo Eun Ki

I also like furniture pieces in white… if only it were easy to maintain in real life

I’ll leave you with this interesting accessory combo by the unpredictable (thus far) Han Jae Hee (Kang Ma Ru’s ex-lover). I will be updating this (as well as a That Winter, The Wind Blows post–am just waiting for the series to finish on ABS-CBN before I write about it in detail).

Park Si Yeon The Innocent Man Han Jae Hee accessories

Ha, what a youthful set of accessories Jae Hee unnie has



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  • Euri

    That lovely room! OMG!

    My brother game me a copy of this because his girlfriend watches it. I haven’t started watching it. (^_^)x

    • MM

      Go watch it now! It’s pretty interesting considering the fact that I just finished That Winter, The Wind Blows weeks ago. I stopped on ep 3 because it’s taking forever for the other episodes to finish :P

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