The Yabu Diaries: Rosu Tonkatsu

While organizing photos I took in the recent months, I came across a bunch of Yabu food photos that haven’t graced this blog, only for the reason that it seemed redundant to do so. It has always been Rosu, the tonkatsu kind, from my first meal in Yabu and up until the first quarter of the year. Only the weight varies, depending on how hungry I am. They’re pretty much consistent, which I like.

The newest additions to the menu can no longer be ignored with each visit. I also want to slowly step out of my happy rosu katsu world and try the other items on the menu. (I can’t wait to work my way up to the Kurobuta and the seafood set!)

Yabu rosu tonkatsu

The creation of this series on my blog begs the question: “Does this girl plan to eat at Yabu everyday?”

The answer is a big fat no because I need to fit in my jeans and nobody wants to be broke. I just thought that I can easily generate content for this because every single time I dine at Yabu, I keep on making a personal promise (on a full stomach) that I will never ever, ever go back for at least three months. A few weeks after, I found myself walking briskly towards Yabu. The cycle never ends. O HAI unlimited bowls of miso soup! The only miso soup I’ve ever liked! This is comparable to a continuous getting to know/background screening/dating/oh wait did I just type that?

It’s fitting to start this series with my go-to order. Gosh, I do hope I could sustain this section. Haha!



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