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True to my “click-happy” nature which usually occurs past midnight (what a discovery, that hip hop jewelry wholesale site), I came across a music video by Rania (which happened to be quite old, but it sounds new to me because I wasn’t able to follow the group’s discography after “POP POP POP”):

“STYLE” could have been a hit with its infectious beat and lyrics. The track reminds me so much of 2NE1 that I can even assign them their parts. CL can do Saem’s “Classy, sexy, crazy, beautiful style”/”You’re not, you’re not my my my style” lines and the rapping, while Minzy can take the other parts of Saem, and perhaps she and Dara can split between T-ae and Xia’s verses. Bom gets the chorus and the high parts, of course. If those YouTube comments say the truth about this track being co-produced by YG then I guess that explains the “sounds like 2NE1″ element.

Do I dare say that this is a prime example of branding topples quality? Rania sounds waaaay better than other girl groups in existence, with some even enjoying more fame than these ladies. But they aren’t as popular as the others, why? Also, I like the fact that they are fewer as it gives each member ample exposure and lines. I am fully aware that KPop is as concerned as image as they are with how the songs sound, but having lesser people means each member has a distinct role, making them irreplaceable in terms of performance. And who in here is sick of wide angle? Haha. Am I asking for too much when I demand performers who can sing AND dance AND be lookers all at the same time?

No wonder my favorite bands are usually comprised of four members.

P.S. Jooyi, one of the members known for her Christina Aguilera-like voice, once mentioned that she was offered a slot in 2NE1! Haha, there really is a connection.



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