Best Dimsum Ever: Wai Ying

Late last year, my co-worker mentioned about a hole-in-the-wall in Binondo. A quick search on Google revealed that Wai Ying is one of those places where you can get really delicious hakaw and siomai. We don’t frequent Binondo so imagine my happiness when I discovered Wai Ying’s food court branch in 168 Mall.

Wai Ying at 168 Mall, Binondo (siomai, hakaw, spare ribs)

Wai Ying at 168 Mall, Binondo

So, a quick rundown. The siomai is juicy, moist and tasty; the best I’ve came across so far. The hakaw, although much raved about, paled in comparison. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten both in one sitting, because the siomai really is stellar. The spare ribs were divine; tender and well-seasoned, but it’s the kind of dimsum best consumed with rice.

For chili sauce lovers, I may have to warn you that the spice doesn’t kick in instantly. My tongue was on fire a few seconds after a huge bite of siomai with heapings of chili sauce. Make no mistake of thinking that these delicious dimsum come cheap. It’s not that expensive, but unlike most restos, each order will set you back Php 70 (?) for four muy delicioso pieces of siomai.



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