The Techie Wishlist

I wish I could say I want to get some good rocktron amps at musicians friend, but I can’t even play the guitar, or any musical instrument for that matter. If I were that kind of techie, that would have made this list.

Canon Dynomighty Xbox Sony

Isparkleen’s techie wishlist

Making these digital collages have been nothing short of therapeutic, aside from reminding me to work harder to get all these things. The past few days have been a blur, with my inconsistent body clock ruining my plans for the week. I have the OCness down pat but the discipline that comes with being productive is something that I have to work on. Blair Waldorf once said that sleep is for the weak, and while I wholeheartedly agree (being someone who used to survive on two hours’ sleep), I think twentysomething problems are getting in the way. Haha. So yes, add overthinking to my OVER list.



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