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People are quick to assume that I am a hardcore KPop fan. I’d like to say that I am more of the culture fan, more than anything else. I do read articles from time to time so I can be classified as well-informed in the K-biz, but methinks it’s the ombre, alongside my very uh, Asian features that may have contributed to that perception. Hmm… I like 2NE1, pretty much it. I liked Rania and KARA for a time but their recent works didn’t tickle my fancy. SNSD was fine, but it came to a point that I can no longer stand the excessively cutesy image that they cannot let go of. I guess a girl can never understand what aegyo is when people of the same gender try to exude that. I also have occasional bouts of falling into liking catchy and popular tracks, haha. It’s almost impossible to keep track of the many idol groups. Being in the loop for so many groups is not for me being the OC that I am, so I just stick on a few (in terms of following their releases closely). I’m too touchy with the subject of loyalty. K, enough rambling.

In terms of K-shows, I don’t watch much except for Running Man, Jo In Sung/Song Joong Ki starrers, and random shows I stumble upon while channel surfing. My recent addiction to is to blame for the materialistic, Korean-inspired collage below. Haha. See where this is taking me. #whereisthewon

My Korean Wishlist 2013

My Korean Wishlist 2013

1. That magazine, because Joong Ki and In Sung are in it + CL of 2NE1. Where in Manila can I find Korean magazines?! Getting high-quality photos are easy (in fact I have already seen a few) but nothing beats the simple joy that comes with leafing through the pages of a magazine.

2. I may not know how to read Hangul yet (YET! Because someone is planning to study this language to challenge herself… but perhaps after getting some things out of the way), but from what I have gathered, the tips in the book are for MEN. Well, I don’t care as my only concern is poring over Joong Ki’s face gloriously laid out on each page. Am I really in my twenties or what? HAHA. For the record, he’s older than me (and as if that matters in real life, hah!), but I rarely like younger guys… Fine there was a rarity. Ugh. Moving on…

3. I want a That Winter, The Wind Blows-inspired tour in Korea! This series completely goes hand in hand with one of the things on my travel wishlist: spending winter in Korea. I’m taking baby steps by keeping screengrabs of the scenes to remind me of the exact places, haha. I even have the addresses for Oh Young’s mansion and the coffee shop in Gangnam where most of the confrontational scenes happened. Must sit on the exact chair (fan much?). A Jo In Sung (or even Joong Ki) clutching cotton candy to welcome me when I set foot in chilly, snowy Seoul would also be nice. I should seriously spend lots of time in Apgujeong/Garosugil next time for some celeb-spotting. I wish I have the same meet-and-greet luck when it comes to Korean celebrities.

P.S. Besides, Nice Guy Joong Ki must meet me, MM the Nice Girl. Haha. Shy and studious peeps for the win! Haha.

My Korean dream trumps my “student travel europe” ideas. Haha.



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