Mobile Photo Editing: Pixlr Express

Was on a roll downloading new apps from Google Play. My favorite among the bunch is Pixlr Express.

Pixlr Express Google Play apps mobile photography

By the same guys who created Pixlr-o-Matic

What I like most about this app is that you can adjust the “opacity” or strength of the selected effects/filters with the handy Fade feature. This allows for blending of several effects to create the mood that you want for your photos.

Pixlr Express Google Play apps mobile photography

A quick view of my favorite features

Pixlr Express Google Play apps mobile photography

Trying out two effects under the Subtle category

The only clincher is that you have to download each set, meaning you have to be connected to the Internet to use all the features. To make the most out of the app even when offline, click all the submenus for it to load on your phone. This way, you’d get instant access to all the effects and overlays that the app has to offer.

Pixlr Express Google Play apps mobile photography

Three effects, in varying amounts thanks to fade

Another feature I like can be found under the Adjustments menu: Color Splash. Highlight a particular color off the photo ala Color Accent in Canon cameras and the rest turns into grayscale.

Pixlr Express Google Play apps mobile photography

Color accent via Adjustments>Color Splash

It takes quite a lot of process to adjust and choose from the effects and overlays, but it’s a great alternative to Instagram’s filters. Now you can technically upload without any filter! :P

P.S. I found the ideal pull out shelves at the supermarket but there are no more stocks left. I also forgot to take a photo, so good luck to me in finding that elusive shelf for my books! :|



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  • Gab Ll

    That’s my go-to photo editor too! :D

    • MM

      Cool! What are your favorite effects? :)

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