Glad to be Globe

Nuffnang‘s Glad to be Globe contest caught my attention. One, they’re giving away an iPad Mini to the best story, and two, I’m exactly what they are looking for. Just check out the photo below.


Two phones, same network

Isn’t this more than enough to prove that I am glad to be Globe? It would be hard to find someone who owns two phones that both have Globe SIMs. Each phone serves its own purpose.

I use my prepaid line for calls and texts to other networks. A Php 500 card can last me for months, thanks to free texts accumulated from prepaid call cards and promos that fit my budget. My current favorite is IMMORTALTXT25 which comes with 50 text messages to Globe/TM, 5 text messages to other networks and 5 minutes of Globe/TM calls.


Unearthed Globe prepaid cards from the last decade

On the other hand, the postpaid line is for unlimited Globe-to-Globe texting and data. I can maximize the all-unli service under My Super Plan because I don’t abbreviate in text messages. :P I usually just pay less than Php 500 each month (except on rare cases when I exceed my POWERSURF 50 subscription).

Going beyond prepaid and postpaid, I also like how innovative Globe is when it comes to customer service. We all know how crowded physical stores can get (and I’m not the type to sit around and wait). I can just initiate a Chat with a customer service representative via the official site or send a tweet to @talk2GLOBE and get the info I need in an instant.

For some strange reason, my roaming service did not activate automatically when I went to Taiwan some months back. Upon connecting to Wi-Fi, I sent a tweet to @talk2GLOBE and they quickly responded and checked my phone’s status. A few hours after, I was given instructions on what to do and in seconds, my signal bar is back to full strength.

Let it be known that this is not a “praise” release, but an entry that contains my honest views and real experiences as a Globe subscriber for over 14 years (!). After all, it’s so easy to switch but I choose to stick with a network who has not let me down in all those years. Here’s to more years and devices! ;)



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  • Tamz

    I miss globe. Now, I’m Verizon. LOL. On prepaid since I don’t use many minutes, and can easily avail
    of wifi.

    That smartphone looks so big, almost like a mini ipad.

    • MM

      Haha, how’s the services there? :) Do all phones come bundled with a subscription?

      I got used to it already; it’s so convenient for reading ebooks sans the weight. Samsung recently released a larger “phablet” which is around 6 inches diagonally :)

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