Options, options

My life, recently.


Reading magazines on a monthly basis

I’m not one to be bored. I can choose to be bored, but I’m better than that. So while I wait for the ideal opportunity, I reacquainted myself with this…



…and well, acquainted myself to new tastes.


New drink discoveries

I have also organized things-that-need-to-be-organized, edited the blog, reworked my workflows, reassessed my goals and making some opportunities. All the cool things have pictures while the tedious work is summarized in one long sentence. Which kind of makes it seem like it’s oh-so-easy, ‘no?

I am close to making a decision, having that thought bubble hovering on my head all the time. When the opportunity comes, I’ll grab it. But I won’t be hanging around doing nothing while opportunities aren’t there yet.



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