Bellini’s at Cubao X

One More Chance brought me here.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Ristorante Bellini’s

And for posterity’s sake…

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Exact spot

Btw, the confrontation scene between Popoy and Basha is the best scene off One More Chance.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Nothing quite like it

Cubao X is a five-minute walk from Gateway Mall. You’ll pass by Shopwise and the old Rustan’s Supercenter which is now a provincial bus station terminal. Cross the street and go inside the Cubao X premises. You won’t miss Bellini’s.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Art majors will love this place

The place is so… photograph-able as the walls are made more alive with murals. I read that Mr. Bellini used to be a photographer, which explains one side of the resto with plenty of frames attached to it. He even offered to take our group photo! I wish I went around to take photos of the entire place but was shy to do so.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Ceilings covered in paint

Each area was visually appealing that I still got some interesting shots. The interior is a far cry from the scene outdoors, so make the most of it in your visit.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City


By the way, the menu is full of Italian… literally. An HRM graduate for a friend came in handy for us. Haha. Here’s what we had for brunch.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Eggplant appetizer

I’m thinking of replicating this at home.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Spinach ravioli

This I don’t think I can recreate, following my recent failure in the world of cooking, specifically dough making.

Bellini's Cubao X Quezon City

Four Cheese pizza

Note that the four cheese pizza has blue cheese. This is a friendly reminder for people who do not like it. It’s tolerable, actually. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until my friend pointed it out. All the bites after that magnified that distinct taste. Haha.

It was our second most expensive date to date (LOL). The top prize goes to Mango Tree Bistro, so that’s for your price comparison.



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