Katsu Kraze

Exhibit A: Pork Katsu

Yabu rosu set

Yabu’s Rosu set

I’ve eaten at Yabu countless times, but this month’s experience was the most satisfying of them all. And it’s not just because of the miso soup gone unli. I’m talking about the whole experience.

What gives? For one, I noticed that the servers are more attentive than ever; friendly but not obtrusive. I like the ninja style of cleaning up (aka removing stuff I don’t need from my table), and they seem to know how to read their customers because they know when to ask if you’d like to clear something from your table or to let you munch into that deep fried breaded goodness in peace. Aside from new additions to the menu, they also changed to US pork for my favorite rosu, still for the same price.

In light of the recent opening of an international katsu franchise in Taguig, these changes are more than welcome for loyal customers. Yabu’s continuous quest for improvement shows how to win the hearts customers. Best foot forward at all times! The experience was so satisfying that the experience still lingered the following day. I still might try that new place soon, for comparison’s sake.

Exhibit B: Chicken Katsu

Crazy Katsu

Crazy Katsu’s Chicken Katsu

Meanwhile, Crazy Katsu is my go-to for chicken katsu. Even in dining, my compartmentalizing side shows, haha.

I like how simple and straightforward Crazy Katsu is, from the menu down to their interiors. I also like the chicken katsu’s crunch despite it swimming in a sweet-salty pool of a sauce. Only things missing are unli rice, unli cabbage and yummy salad dressing to go with the latter. Yes I eat like a king, I mean queen.



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