All Kinds of Sunsets

A kid in a new television commercial innocently asks why sunsets are beautiful. Will that kid ever get a concrete answer? I don’t think so, as each sunset is beautiful and different. Methinks finding bunn coffee maker parts are easier than finding a good response to that, don’t you think?

Here are some snaps of sunsets I took recently. I was in a hurry that day but I retraced my steps to take a photo. Most people who also passed by this spot also stopped to capture this perfect orange circle. Notice the white vans at the parking lot?

sunsets Philippines

Sunset, as shot from TriNoma

And then there are Tagaytay sunsets. One was taken while the car was moving. The other one doesn’t look like your typical sunset photo, but was taken during sunset.

sunsets Philippines

Tagaytay Sunset Number One

sunsets Philippines

Tagaytay Sunset Number Two

This and this are still tied in first place as my favorite sunset snaps ever.



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