Field Trip: Laguna

Imagine our shock when our history professor told us that we would be having a field trip for our last day.
Destination? Laguna.

Laguna Philippines

Mural outside one of the churches we visited

Field trip in the post graduate level? I would have never thought…

Laguna Philippines

This is Laguna from Rizal

Our professor recounted how much they had fun in Chinatown last year as they strolled along the busy streets of Binondo while munching on some good Chinese food. Wish we also did that, but at least we had the chance to go out of town as a class with this trip!

Laguna Philippines

Paete, Laguna

Our first stop:

Laguna Philippines

St. James the Apostle Church

Laguna Philippines

This is one of the oldest I’ve probably been to

This church houses centuries-old paintings, but it seems like it needs some restoration work. Afterwards, we made a stopover for some snacks:

Laguna Philippines

Oops, the exact name of this pancit escapes me. :( But it’s really good!

Laguna Philippines

A good dessert. Again, I forgot what it’s called. Haha.

A few walks away from our host’s house is a store where embroidered jusi can be bought.

Laguna Philippines

Embroidered everything on this stop

We watched in the sidelines while the ladies were busy stitching elaborate designs.

Laguna Philippines

This is one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen

Upon closer inspection, we saw pencil marks which serves as their guide while stitching. There is a lone pattern maker; all the rest do the embroidery by hand.

Laguna Philippines

A closer look. How precise and creative!

Laguna Philippines

Their speed is amazing

We’re not even close to hungry, but we’ve come to our stop for lunch. One of our classmates hail from Laguna, so she ended up hosting our meal. Her mom graciously prepared all the dishes! Our classmates from other countries joined in the fun of eating Filipino style!

Laguna Philippines

A resort that has been around for decades

Laguna Philippines


To somehow burn the fats (LOL), we went around the resort and took a bunch of photos. After all, no field trip is complete without dozens of group photos.

Laguna Philippines

Tall trees and fresh air

Swimming was not part of our itinerary, though.

Laguna Philippines


We then headed to Liliw, a town known for manufacturing footwear. I played the role of shopping buddy since I still had a lot of pairs I haven’t worn at home, and there’s just far too many people in every shop.

Our last stop was another church. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the interiors as it was closed that time.

Laguna Philippines

Cathedral Church of St. Paul, San Pablo

Laguna Philippines


It took me a while to post it because I was busy checking out pc tune up from My desktop’s fan has been noisy as of late. Grr.



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