Ilocos Norte: Bangui Windmills

This was our first real stop in Ilocos Norte, but I initially thought of posting my photos of Cape Bojeador Lighthouse first. Reason behind the order is a cinemagraph that didn’t turn out well (no tripod, and one of the turbines weren’t functioning), so, scratch that.

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

The Bangui Wind Farm

Anyway, this place is perhaps the farthest I have ever been in the North (relatives, please correct me when you see me—I may have memorized the Philippine map at some point in my childhood but my memory’s rusty now).

Enough of the sentences and round brackets.

Going to the windmills from the lighthouse takes about 30 minutes or so. You just have to be particularly mindful of the road sign that will point you to the windmills, because you might miss it (like us!).

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

Nearing our destination

Drumroll for my caption…

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

A scene straight out of Precious Hearts Romance presents Paraiso. Just kidding.

For someone who is known as a payong girl, a place like this would never tickle my fancy. I don’t like staying under the sun unless I am immersed in cold water at that. This place happened to be one of the few exceptions.

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

To the right is this view

I guess it has to do with the strong winds and the bluer-than-blue waters. I have never seen anything like it in my entire life. #itsmorefuninthephilippinesindeed

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

A closer look at the turbine

These turbines provide power to the towns nearby, a sustainable one at that.

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

The second windmill wasn’t operational

I always get kilig whenever I see foreigners exploring our land. Seeing them reminds me not to take these beautiful spots for granted. People would actually fly across the world just to have a feel of these pristine waters and to immortalize these scenic spots with the cameras!

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

Foreigners flocking the shores

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines


Let me end this with one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite Incubus songs:

Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills Philippines

“The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket”

P.S. You might have noticed my attempts to create magazine covers out of my photos. Proud for once, to say that it came about with boredom. Nothing comes close to post-processing and Photoshop when I don’t know what to do anymore. Well, except milk tea, of course.



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