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To wrap up all my Taiwan 2013 posts are some delicious discoveries that managed to be documented… alright, that statement basically explains why it’s not as many as I would’ve liked to make this feature more comprehensive, but I tried. I really did try. It’s just so tempting to skip the “take pictures” part especially when your senses are already overwhelmed.

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

I miss you already, dan bing

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

This is how the egg pancake is cooked/prepared. You can choose the “filling” you want.

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

How the stall looks like. This is in Ximending by the way

I wish I discovered this place sooner because I am a big fan of crepe and anything that resembles it in taste.

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

Another breakfast stall

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

Colorful bread. I’m not sure if this is what you call “mantou”

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

Pictured above is pork floss in a rice roll and some xiao long bao fresh off the steamer

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

A closer look at that roll. Nom.

These quail eggs, I discovered while we were in Tamsui. Each egg is cooked individually, with the whites having a chewy consistency when cooked.

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

I think I had three sticks of these in one sitting.

Too short for a Taiwan food entry, yes? Perhaps you might enjoy these posts on Din Tai Fung, Tian Wai Tian and Modern Toilet as these were more comprehensive and has plenty of photos guaranteed to make you hungry after reading. :)

P.S. I want some dan bing and I don’t think any place in Manila has something like it. Well, savory crepe, but not really. :/



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