Xinyi and Eslite

They say that Eslite’s Xinyi branch is a must-visit, so we found ourselves looking for it on our third day in Taiwan.

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

X intersections! ♥

But before that, we decided to check out the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. It was easily accessible, thanks to the very convenient and efficient Metro Taipei.

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

We realized that this memorial hall also offered a good view of the Taipei 101 from a distance.

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

The compound is like a public park of sorts. Vendors are aplenty—bought a tennis trainer here!

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi  Taipei 101

Taipei 101 from another angle

A few minutes of walking and we came across this building that houses not only books but novelty items as well.

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi Eslite

Eslite bookstore! Six floors of cute stuff

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi Eslite

As it turns out, it’s not just a bookstore

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

Lunch at the basement. This reminds me of Pepper Lunch

Also part of our itinerary is CP Living Mall. It’s best to take a cab than to attempt to walk all the way to this mall.

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

Walking around town to find CP Living Mall

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

While we were getting lost

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

The landmark! A dome-like structure

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Xinyi

You can’t miss this structure

I wish for Eslite-style stores here, too.



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