In which I feel the strong urge to write

This must be the fourth time I felt such.

Now I realize that the easiest thing to write is not necessarily about lonely situations or even overwhelming happiness (read: extremes). The combination of sudden, surreal and inexplicable-in-a-good way is all I need to churn out thw words. Out of the four I will list below, I have written a short story on the first and third “ideas.” I never got around to writing the second because I was overly overwhelmed (!) and the fourth… well I cannot organize my thoughts right now. I just wanna type the idea so that I don’t forget. One day. But I think the time isn’t now.

  1. 2008. A rainy day, on my way to school, set inside a kuliglig. I looked to my left and realized I was seated beside a guy who looked like Gerald Anderson.
  2. 2012. Late last year, I bumped into the most fashionable woman I have ever seen. I used to just “see” her in Instagram. That night, she had smokey eyes and gray eyes (or was it lenses). She was very attractive, wearing something only she can pull off so confidently. I was floored. I kinda wished I had that charm and aura.
  3. 2013. A week or two ago, my imagination ran wild because of a frustration/my imagination. I had one of my friends have a go at it (I don’t usually like sharing personal prose masquerading as fiction, but my friend says she felt what I wrote. It hit me that I haven’t been that honest to myself in a long while. Longing, yearning, wishing
  4. Today. This is why I am writing this… so that I will remember.

The funny thing is, I don’t know how to put the fourth “idea” into words. All I know is that it frustrates/amuses me and it gives me hope and its opposite, all these feelings together is just… crazy.

Maybe I just need the academic direction to spin all these words in order. Let’s do this, Creative Writing class.



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