Mango Tree Bistro

We’ve been meaning to dine at Mango Tree Bistro upon the recommendation of my friend who always goes on a date in this resto with her boyfriend.

Mango Tree Bistro TriNoma Thai Food


It was by far an unexpectedly expensive dinner (because we still managed to have space for some Red Mango after), but it’s not everyday that we get to treat ourselves, so, no regrets!

Mixed seafood

Mixed seafood

Mango Tree Bistro TriNoma

Bagoong rice

Mango Tree Bistro TriNoma

Chicken Pandan

The ambiance kind of shocked me because it was too intimate—more of a couple dining place than a group night out. Then again, it was only the three of us–still qualifies as intimate. Lights are dim (that remind me of a pentair pool light



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