The Year That Was

Was supposed to post this first day of 2013 but didn’t get around in doing so because I was busy writing goals for this year. Looking back, it seems like I was a little crazy in 2012. To prove my point:

  • I dyed my hair, ombre style.
  • I joined video contests four times and won not one, not two, nothing.
  • Conquered buffets plenty of times—from hotels, old time fave Sambokojin to new discovery Vikings. (This is why I am heavier haha)
  • Channeled the Imelda side of me with this urge to buy shoes every freaking time. This must stop come 2013.
  • Took a trip down memory lane with Lifehouse part two.
  • Rode the crazy high Bungee Drop in Everland—felt just like heaven. Literally.

I have so much to be thankful for in 2012. Top of mind:

  • I met my favorite boyband ever (again). Complete package: press con, meet and greet, front row and another published article.
  • Went back to school to chase scholarly ambitions in my dream university. Gained new friends from other parts of the Philippines and other countries, too! Summer Programs here we go!
  • From Korean cuisine obsession to Japanese cuisine transition. I’m finally eating katsu and ramen!
  • Plenty of rakets came by, just when I needed it the most.
  • Spontaneous and planned get-togethers with sisters from other mothers.

It’s not as comprehensive as the usual yearender posts, but I have to concentrate on my present and the future (aka finish my goal-setting for 2013). Here’s to 2013. :)



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