Notes to Self

So I have gathered my thoughts for the girl in the previous entry.

She needs to get a grip on her thoughts. Enough of being too calculating, she needs to have some room for spontaneity and a little fun on the side.

She needs to stop perfecting everything EVEN when there is MORE time to do so—just because it eats up time that can be used for something else.

Feeling bad for the things she’s done/didn’t do won’t change anything at this point, so what’s the point of regretting?

There’s no use sulking. It takes up time (which you need) and eventually, all these things will pass.

If listening to Stacie Orrico’s “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life” and “Save It For Later” by Splender repeatedly could change things, I would. But I know it wouldn’t.

It’s both amusing and irritating at the same time to see how easy that was, to give myself much-needed advice that I know will take a long while for me to follow and live by.

Heck, it’s easier to find a roll about walker than finding a solution to this kind of problem.



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