Soundtrack of my High School Senior Year

When I was in high school, having CDs burned at the computer shop was all the rage. This was one of them—the hotheads’ album (that’s what we fondly call each other now ’cause we’re all funny when we’re hotheaded). All three CDs were signed with fictional surnames and a combination of codenames for the album.

CD tracks

Codenames, surnames, one CD

Since audio CDs can hold around 16 tracks, the three of us chose 5 songs each. What were our choices?

Here are some of the tracks I can recall (You guessed it—the CD has so many scratches, it’s barely readable):

Pieces of Me-Ashlee Simpson
Yes, this was one of the five songs I chose. I had an Ashlee phase, but the Avril one was stronger.

To Be With You-Heart Evangelista
Not my pick, but I surprisingly liked the song.

Come On-Ben Jelen
This guy is a singing Maksim, I wonder where he is now.

Candy-Mandy Moore
A really cute song; Mandy’s departure from the trying to fit the Britney mold.

A Girl Can Dream-Nina
Ahh. This song. Word. It’s a realistic version of the song earlier. Realistic and mature.

This was a big hit back then, but listening to it again

Dream of Me-Kirsten Dunst
A tune for softies.

You Are The One-C21
This trio guy group had a pop sound which was relaxing

Follow Me-Uncle Kracker
Now this song shows my age. Haha!

Never knew there was a common theme (and I’m not telling!) Haha! Take a guess.



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