A Year Older, Dreams Getting Bigger

Excuse the geek in me and my ambitious wishlist. Or should I say “wish” because it’s singular. I just remembered posting about it all because of a gift guide email from Apple this morning. Sigh.

MacBook Air, wishlist

I need you. A 13-inch Mac Book Air

It all started with the Canon and followed by the Samsung. Lightweight and powerful are my two most important considerations in gadgets. If justifying Air’s purpose in my life would turn this wish into reality, then here goes a random ramble on why I think we belong together:

  • I need a lightning-fast portable that will load Photoshop. And oh, this baby boots in a sec. No more waiting, woohoo!
  • ┬áSolid state drive is the future. And you’re the only future in the sleekest package right now.
  • You’re lighter than most ultrabooks.
  • I already chose personalized decals to put beside the famous Apple symbol.
  • I’m old and I can no longer carry heavy objects. While lugging around 2 kilos of equipment can make me lose pounds in six days, that was in an environment where the cold breeze didn’t make me all sweaty. Our tropical country is different.
  • You’re amazing just the way you are. Haha!

For the record, universe, I’m going to be specific. It’s a configure-to-order MacBook Air 13″ with 256 GB flash storage, plus upgrades for the processor (2.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i7) and RAM (from 4GB to 8GB) for future-proofing. Thank you very much.

P.S. I also want an XBOX Kinect so I can play Dance Central (and lose weight in the process). Thanks again.



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