Forever21 x Sanrio (not really)

I found out about the Forever 21 x Sanrio collection the same weekend I won SM gift certificates in a bingo social. Yay for “free” Bad Badtz Maru items!

Forever 21 Sanrio Bad Badtz Maru

The only Bad Badtz Maru item I’ve seen across all stores. :(

Or not.

Three Forever 21 branches after, I discovered that the collection is nothing more than a Hello Kitty Forever commemoration. I’ve got nothing against the feline, it’s just that Hello Kitty isn’t the only character under the Sanrio family and it so happened that she isn’t my favorite, hrhr. More than half of Gift Gate is dedicated to her. It’s hard to be a fan of the less popular Sanrio characters here in the Philippines; finding official merchandise (even unofficial ones, haha) is almost impossible.

Forever 21 Sanrio Bad Badtz Maru

I give in

I’ll take whatever I can get. Even if it’s a size smaller. It’s the first time that I bought something that does not fit well—tough decision.

Anyway, on a related note, I went to SM North EDSA the other day which happened to have *surprise* Hello Kitty as the theme for Christmas a few days ago. Fortunately, I found this on the shelf:

Forever 21 Sanrio Bad Badtz Maru

A ballpen!

It’s a really cool addition to my collection, only that the ink has dried up even before I use it. Hahaha. Goodness.

Here’s to hoping Forever 21 would consider bringing more Bad Badtz Maru items in the coming months! I really want that high low polo.



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