Loco Over Cobo

Cobo craving inevitable after discovering that their basic milk tea tastes almost like my favorite Simple Line variant. It’s a good thing I am not alone in this crazy thing called craving.

Cobo milk tea, chicken, mocha, frappearl

Cute plastic covers

Yup, we had milk tea delivered. This is a first.

I’ve never tried having milk tea delivered (with the exception of Serenitea). Cobo’s delivery service is coursed through 2121212. It was also my first time to have something delivered through that service. Don’t expect that it would be as easy as 1-2-3, as 2121212 double checks with the merchant before taking your order. It’s best to know what you want to order by listing down what you want from the menu. Ensure that the names are correct to guarantee that you would be getting exactly what you’ve been craving for.

Cobo milk tea

3 drinks

The cartoon on the cups remind me of Pororo, the Korean penguin. :P

Cobo milk tea


There’s also a minimum delivery amount plus a certain percentage (which escaped my mind), so if you are the type who’s not a big fan of add-ons on your total bill (pun intended), just visit a milk tea store the next day or suppress your cravings.

Cobo mocha frappearl

What a name

We had some pica-pica to meet the minimum requirement.

Cobo salt and pepper chicken

Small servings but tasty, still

I say having milk tea delivered this way is worth a try, perfect for those moments when you suddenly feel the need to drink and you’re too lazy to go out and grab a cup by yourself.



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