My 2013 planner is bought from a store

Starbucks planners aren’t my thing anymore. Looking back, that was five years of being compelled to finish a sticker card because of my love affair with Toffee Nut, add to that thousands down the drain without me even noticing it. In line with my plans to quit reduce coffee intake, I decided to buy a planner from a store rather than getting one from a coffee shop. Breaking “traditions” never felt so good! I wish I’ve done this sooner.

MUJI Philippines 2013 planner monthly weekly grid

This is my choice

I needed something practical and lightweight; two characteristics I found in this planner from MUJI. I also have specific layout requirements: it should have an extra page after the weekly parts for my random doodles and multiple to-do lists split by categories. OC people roll like that.

MUJI Philippines 2013 planner monthly weekly grid

Like a simple notebook

Add to the fact that I have avoided consuming copious amounts of expensive coffee for a month or so, I should really be proud of this purchase. I’m trying my best to be frugal, you see.

MUJI Philippines 2013 planner monthly weekly grid

Monthly view

It’s a no-frills planner with monthly and weekly views, plus a grid. I actually tore a page off a notebook to use as a guide whenever I would write on my Starbucks planner 2012—the grid solves my “text alignment” problems.

MUJI Philippines 2013 planner monthly weekly grid

Weekly view + grid

The only thing I need to do is to decide which pens to use for it. I like color-coding and Pilot .03s, but I intend choosing two hues from my Dong-A My Gel set (these pens look like flavored cigars whut).

That’s “planning a planner” for you. How about you? What’s your 2013 planner?



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  • Michelle

    Hi! How much is this Muji planner?

    • MM

      Php 345 :)

  • Judy Sevillo

    I will use a Muji for 2013 too. Is this the monthly or weekly planner?

    • MM

      It has monthly and weekly layouts. It’s a double page spread per month. Weekly pages are on the left. On the opposite side is the grid where you can scribble anything. :)

  • Tammy

    Planners <3

    Oh have different color of pens and decorate them. Haha

    • MM

      Haha I chose my old Dong-As na lang since I’m frugal. Hahaha. But if I had money I would’ve bought the Stabilos.

  • Fatee

    Where did you buy this? :)

    • MM

      Muji in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig! :)

      • Fatee

        Thank you!! :D

        • MM

          You’re welcome :)

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