Dinner at Basil

Two weeks since my last post. Didn’t have time and energy to compose entries and tweak photos because it’s the season to work hard (read: second semester is around the corner). One sem down and I am still learning the ropes when it comes to effective time management—I really, really need to get the hang of this.

Managed to squeeze in some quick edits for these food shots I took earlier this month at Basil. Really had to improve the images since I tend to produce not so clear images with the 50mm… because I thought it was sharp enough. Haha. The perils of a nearsighted person shooting in dim spaces. Okay, enough of the geeky nearsighted problems.

Basil is a fairly new restaurant in White Plains, Quezon City that serves Thai cuisine. For starters, we had Pomelo Salad, Crispy Fish with Green Mango and Thai Shrimp Cake. Since I only eat four fruits and pomelo isn’t part of that exclusive list, I didn’t bother tasting it, but props to the presentation. I initially thought the platter was there for a decorative purpose, as it turns out, it’s where they serve the salad.

Basil White Plains Quezon City Thai Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad

And since mangoes are part of that exclusive list (I annoy myself), I had many slices of that plus heaps of crispy fish. It reminds me so much of BreadTalk’s flosss—a way crispier version of that, actually.

Basil White Plains Quezon City Thai Crispy Fish with Green Mango

Crispy Fish with Green Mango

The Thai Shrimp Cake tastes like those we had in Thailand, although the sauce was not as spicy as I expected. We also had Tom Yum, but I didn’t get to finish my bowl. It must be that authentic in taste because that’s exactly the same thing that happened to my Tom Yum attempt in Bangkok two years ago.

As for the entrees, we had Fish with 3 Flavor Sauce and Spicy Wagyu Beef paired with Thai Bagoong Rice. To be honest, I didn’t know it was Wagyu beef until I looked it up earlier on the Web. Haha. We also had Pad Thai which was really good. It brings to mind our Bangkok travels, specifically the shop-till-you-literally-drop moments and delicious food.

Basil White Plains Quezon City Thai Fish with 3 Flavor Sauce

Fish with 3 Flavor Sauce

Basil White Plains Quezon City Thai

Spicy Wagyu Beef

To cap off the meal is a dessert popular in Thailand, Sticky Rice with Mango.

Basil White Plains Quezon City Thai

Sticky Rice with Mango



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