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I was on the fence with updating SGNick to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), but I was easily convinced upon reading that there are premium apps to go along the update, which turned out to be wrong as I can download those extra apps off Samsung Apps/S Choice and not via the ICS update.

I have drafted a short list of my “complaints” from way back, but I only found them again now. Here goes:

1. Font
Roboto is clean but I find it too thick. Windows 7’s Segoe is nicer. I use Fontomizer SP to use other fonts.

2. Screen capture capability screwed
The Home + Power combination used to work until this upgrade.

3. Animation settings are somewhere else

Google is indeed, my friend. It’s now under Settings-System-Developer Options-User interface-Transition animation scale. Nevertheless, the transitions are snappy, so it’s left as it is.

4. Premium apps
I have been taken for a ride—where are the OTHER apps? Only S-Note made its appearance on my device. No My Story, no Shape Match. It’s a really good thing this update didn’t screw up SGNick’s battery life.

And here are some things I can’t figure out:
1. Camera: Mute option for shutter
Didn’t find this in Gingerbread, or maybe I was not exploring enough. I would like to snap away without a sound.

2. Force save to SD card
I don’t know how to make S Note and S Memo save files to my SD card.

3. Torch isn’t consistent
Torch is the native flashlight app for SGN. While it’s cool that it offers three levels of brightness, it does not work all the time. I usually have to remove the widget and put it back again on the homescreen for it to work. Until I find a solution for that, I will be sticking to Tiny Flashlight and its many lighting options.

4. I can’t add attachments on my emails when using the browser
It just reloads the page when I go back to add my message and send it. But I can send a scribble directly! It’s the shiz.

Despite these setbacks, I still think that this phone is very functional for multi-taskers on the go as you can comfortably read and surf the Internet without straining your eyes. Really need to upgrade to 4.0.4, though, as I wanna experience the video multi-tasking… it won’t let me! :(



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  • Red

    Thanks for posting this! I don’t know when I’ll be able to get an Android phone. Haha. But it helps that I get to read reviews from users like you. :)

    • MM

      Go na, Red! :) Hihi! Can’t wait. Excited for you!!!

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