Samsung brand loyalty fairytale

The techie in me couldn’t be any happier for Shane Bennett, a guy who got himself a customized Samsung GALAXY S III for FREE.

A quick backgrounder: In May of this year, Shane Bennett sent his message to Samsung Canada after the Samsung GALAXY S III was unveiled. While it was stated in the reply that they couldn’t give it to him, Shane eventually received the phone as a gift months after the witty exchange became viral. Well, it’s no surprise considering Samsung’s response made for good PR!

Samsung Canada Shane Bennett message exchange


This gives me a crazy idea since the Korean brand recently “unboxed” Samsung Galaxy Note II. I gotta seize this big idea NOW. If I were to write something like Shane’s post, it would be like this:

 Isparkleen's "wish" and a drawing on S Memo

 Isparkleen's "wish" and a drawing on S Memo

 Isparkleen's "wish" and a drawing on S Memo

My handwriting looks like a font, so here’s a readable version of that:

Hi! I’m MM. I have several Samsung devices (monitor and 2 GALAXY phones). I was just wondering if I could get a Samsung for free… I’m eyeing the Series 9 laptop :)

I drew an Android just for you.

mm [at]
(just in case!) :)

Isn’t my Android drawing adorable? This deserves even an extra S-Pen in white with a pen case to boot! If ever you decide to send me a Samsung device, perhaps you could just consider using this portrait done on S Memo by Kajo Baldisimo for your Pic-to-Comic promo months ago for the wrap? :) Last paragraph of that post—dreams do come true! Can this happen, too? XD



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