Farmers Plaza’s first milk tea store: iTea

Another episode of “the mind is willing but the will is weak.” Haha!

I lost count of the many times I’ve said that I will stop drinking milk tea, but obviously, to no avail. I found out about iTea via Araneta Center’s Facebook page and it was so accessible since it was located at the Farmers Market, directly across an MRT entrance. If you can’t find it (they’ve got a small sign), just be on the lookout for these leaf-shaped chairs (crappy angle, I know. That’s because it was so awkward to steal a shot).

iTea Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City

Leaves all over

iTea Farmers Market Araneta Center Quezon City

Went for the classic, as usual

As for the tea, it tastes like the usual you’d find. My milk tea taste has changed through the years (I now prefer 50% sugar, and I can’t wait for the day I make 25% my new normal), so it’s best to try it for yourself instead.

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  • jAY

    I like the drinks and have been going regularly since I discovered Itea Araneta a few months ago. I also love the wifi connection. It is understandable that wifi connections slows down every now and then for whatever reason.

    What I cannot understand is that when I asked this staff of yours who sports a colored spikey hair cannot act on my request to “reset” the wifi. It took your staff one hour since my request to do so, off course after being transformed into a dissatisfied customer. Worse, apparently, they cannot decide to “re-set” the wifi because other costumers might be upset in the process. As bad is this unapologetic response from this spikey guy, who doesn’t deserve to be in the service profession.

    A simple explanation is sometimes enough. Your customers doesn’t deserved the ” No action, no reply, no explanation for one hour treatment. I really love your drinks, I want to go back but your staff needs retraining or reshuffling. Galing ata sila sa parlor.

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