Oh, the frustration that is to watch Maroon 5

Passed by the Big Dome earlier and heard a Maroon 5 song blaring on the speakers. I was reminded of their concert next month and the fact that tickets were sold out a few days after Ticketnet started selling.

Maroon 5 Smart Araneta Coliseum September 2012

I wrote something about not getting to watch the band for their first concert in Manila years ago. Snippets below (this was written March 4, 2008 to be precise):

It began with this:

This is so depressing. I badly want to watch and I don’t have a ticket because it’s so expensive. So many concerts, so little time (and budget). Lalo lang ako na-depress kanina e.

And ended with these strong statements:

The next time you drop by, I’m already the concert organizer and I won’t have any problems at all with the darned tickets. Fudge. :( IT WON’T BE SOON BEFORE LONG. DARN IT! KAINIS TALAGA. I’M GONNA CHASE THAT PEYTON SAWYER DREAM AND MEET ALL THE ARTISTS I WANT SOMEDAY HAHAHA.

And now I ask myself what happened to that dream? What happened last year? This is their third time in Manila! I was a student in 2008 and again a student in 2012. Patron VIP is still priced the same, it’s almost funny. Oh, #fangirlproblems.

P.S. Excuse the caps and the stream of consciousness.



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