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Three years ago, I didn’t have any idea what Balenciaga was. Haha. Definitely an Andy Sachs moment, good thing I did not encounter a Miranda Priestly that time.

They say designer bags are an investment, after all, these bags are painstakingly made. I remember the Goyard being hand-painted and the Hermes hand-stitched. And that you cannot find a discounted LV; they’d rather burn it than sell it at a lower price. I find some expensive bags beautiful and timeless. While I truly appreciate the styles, I can’t afford it. No wonder I cannot grasp the idea of buying in the first place.

Last week, I saw a spacious bag in shocking yellow on Camille Co’s blog. Since I wasn’t familiar with the brand, I had to check the website only to find out the name of the “spacious bag in shocking yellow”: Papier A3/A4. Online window shopping is always enticing, so I had a change of heart later on and decided that if by some chance I’d get to own a Balenciaga, I’d rather that it was a City with regular silver hardware. Or maybe gold, if the leather’s color is darker. I just don’t think that the Papier straps are sturdy enough to hold heavy stuff. I am actually weighing the pros and cons of Papier and City. Hahaha! A girl can dream!

Speaking of Balenciaga, I saw someone wearing a Giant Silver Bracelet Double Tour yesterday. Cue in Kylie Minogue’s “I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Head”—it’s spunky and classy at the same time. The sad part? It costs thousands.

Balenciaga Giant Bracelet Double Tour

Balenciaga Giant Bracelet Double Tour in Rose Thulian

If I only knew that leather bracelets like this actually existed and sold for its price, I wish I bought more stylish leather bracelets in Bangkok. They’re far from the looks of the Balenciagas but one would find them unique and fashionable, still. Best of all, prices start at Php 300. Even at that price point, I refused to buy. Cheapskate alert! Anyway, there’s a similar bracelet over at ZALORA by Vita Fede. [In any case you shop at Zalora, you can enjoy 5% off your purchase when you use my code Isparkleen120. :)]

Vita Fede Lagina Wrap buckle Bracelet

Vita Fede Lagina Wrap Buckle Bracelet

The bracelet is cheaper than the bag by at least 8 times, but I will not buy this unless I get myself a bag. It just doesn’t make sense to purchase this without owning the bag in the first place. What are these thoughts?!

I don’t think developing a finer taste (in bags, or anything for that matter) is a good idea.

Photo credits: Balenciaga (giant bracelet) and ZALORA (Vita Fede)



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