The reality in reality shows

I was glued on E! the other day, watching a random episode of Khloe and Lamar.I am not a big fan nor a follower of the Kardashians, but for the sake of letting the TV on for background noise, I keep the remote control away and just stare at the screen occasionally. Of course, I do this after having finished a major requirement for my master’s, or after deadline day.

Tuning in to the random conversations in the daily lives of people I don’t really care about—guilty pleasure, perhaps. There is no need to analyze; you just sit on the couch and watch. This does not apply to people who are so critical of everything hip and happening nowadays, or for those who resent celebrities and their rich and famous lifestyles.

These personalities are mildly entertaining, with problems that range from mundane to major. Either way, I didn’t see it coming last week, when I actually found something in the show that some viewers can actually relate to.

In that episode, Rob Kardashian was spending time with Khloe. Khloe noticed that Rob was acting weird. He would do certain things seven times. There was also one scene on the road where he thought he hit something, so he had to make a u-turn just to double-check even if Khloe has assured him that he did not hit anything. As it turns out, Rob has obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

Methinks that’s the redeeming value of reality TV: you don’t really absorb it unless you find something you can relate to. I don’t share the same tendencies but I sometimes pay too much attention to the smallest details and I used to be a major worrywart (which I have outgrown, because I have finally understood that there are some things that are no longer in my control/my responsibility). I can somehow relate to Rob’s frustrations.

For my part, I’m also glad I still get something from what I see on TV. :P



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