My ZALORA Shopping Experience

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My first ever purchase from Zalora Philippines is this two-tone top from Plains and Prints. I remember seeing this on the rack but I wasn’t able to buy it (I forgot why). It’s meant to be!

Plains and Prints top

Plains and Prints top

Most of the time, window shopping remains to be just that—window shopping. Whereas online window shopping is much more effective—I save the photo, bookmark the page, check it out again AND end up buying it.

Anyway, the funny thing about online shopping is that it takes me ages to choose and checkout was 1/5 of the time I spent poring over so many good finds. The interface is very straightforward. Plus points for offering a variety of payment options!

Zalora Philippines checkout screen

Zalora Philippines checkout screen

I ordered minutes before midnight (oohhh, Linkin Park album title!) and it was delivered around 7 in the evening the following day.

Zalora Philippines

Zalora Philippines

Once I find time for my online shopping activities, I will definitely buy a pair of rain-ready shoes.



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  • denise

    I ordered “Flat Orla” (flat shoes) last November at price 2k+. Few weeks later I saw the price doubled. On the page you will see ” At your door 7-14 days”. A month have passed I contacted Zalora and they gave me updates and told me that the product was hold in the customs and couldn’t be delivered. They gave me an option to gave me store credit or full refund. Why is the product still selling if Zalora can’t deliver it? They just wasted my time!

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