Sukiyaki All I Can at Yakimix SM City Masinag

First time at SM City Masinag. Very airy. I felt like running back and forth the mall because it was that spacious.

SM City Masinag

SM City Masinag

We had dinner at Yakimix. Since I was not psychologically prepared for a buffet dinner, I eagerly looked for soup, and found the sukiyaki. Wrong move.

Sulit sa sukiyaki

Sulit sa sukiyaki

I went back for this three times despite the fact that it was a tad too sweet (or at least that’s what my family thought). I could never say no to sweetened beef. And noodles.

So as to make the most out of the buffet, I helped myself to other Japanese treats and meats to grill.

Japanese Yakimix

Japanese food at Yakimix

The yakiniku sauce was good. Maybe my tastebuds were calibrated towards sweetness that night.

Sauces and meats galore

Sauces and meats

Sate sauce is a plus point, too. Sambokojin, offer that too, please?

Needless to say, I went home with a happy, bloated stomach from the soup.

I wonder why their “department store” is called an SM Store. Just curious.

SM Store at SM City Masinag

SM Store at SM City Masinag



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