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This morning, I was awakened by something I saw while lazily scrolling my Facebook news feed.

Blue in Taiwan November 30, 2012

Blue in Taiwan November 30, 2012

BLUE. My favorite boyband EVER. Just don’t take a look at my feed at the bottom of this page for now.
TAIWAN (The land of milk tea!).

Just like the storyline of Close To You, every fangirl’s dream is to chase their favorite artist around the world! Sigh. Very inspirational aspirational “frustrational.”

Reality bit me by the hand after a few minutes. Budget, visa, logistics. See, I’ve been dreaming of going to Taiwan the moment I landed in Manila after my Korea trip. Why do I always get influenced by recent trips of my friends? My mom always sees this destination on Living Asia Channel all the time. Anyway, I just feel/think that this is meant to be because Taiwan is one of those many countries I wanna visit and that it falls a day after my birthday. Oh, my feelings.

This reminds me of that FREE CONCERT they did last year at ION Orchard, Singapore. Had I known. Had I known! All I needed then was a roundtrip ticket! Ugh.

You know what lads, maybe you guys should just perform here on my birthday. Just saying. I am fully aware of how crazy and far-fetched this idea is, but a solid plan still remains (aside from my “When Blue is in Manila” checklist): I will see you on the streets of United Kingdom in the near future. True Blue fans do not quit that easily. I still need that band manager-esque photo plus an autographed CD! Aaaaah!!!

~*end of fangirl post*~



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