Gadget Rivalry

I want the best of all worlds, so, no to “integration,” yes to variety! I am looking at Mac OS (torn between a Mac Book Pro and a Mac Book Air) in the event that I might not like Windows 8, and seems like I have found a substitute for it…. an XBOX Kinect!

XBOX With Kinect

Sexy, shiny thing

I wanna play Dance Central so badly and lose weight in the process.

Thought of this topic because of the unexplained actions by my gadgets.

If this isn’t true, then what would explain Wade’s behavior? I made a “Current Favorites” playlist and my “favoritest” track won’t play. It just won’t. But it plays on iTunes. I still can’t figure it out.

If this isn’t true, then what would explain the slow reading time of my computer when Nick is connected via USB?

I wish they’d all be friends. :( Now I understand why people who own iPhones have iPads and people who own iPads have Mac Books. Integration = emotion. I tried using Android’s tethering option on a Mac and it’s as if nothing is connected on the USB port. Tech rivalry! Overthinking geek.

What do you think?



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  • Euri

    Get Mac Book Pro! :D

    I find a Mac more useful than an XBOX Kinect. Though I like games, I look at it in a working perspective. XD

    • MM

      Seems like nobody wants to recommend the Air to me.:P

      I have to agree, but Dance Central is SO tempting. :)

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